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As of May 31 2017, NAAM can no longer use the space at the Danish American Center for their library. Per this date, all the books and materials have to be moved. The board has reviewed the use of the library and came to the conclusion that members have rarely used or borrowed books. Packing up and placing in storage is not an option as we believe the books will not be used or read and it will cost NAAM each month rent.

The board has decided to recycle the books in a proper way, in the meantime we are still looking for alternatives. If you have any suggestions, please let us know!

Would you like some books for free? Please visit our King's Day event on Sunday April 30 from 2-5 pm at the Danish American Center and pick out what you like!

Children's books and all materials for our Dutch School Boekenwurm, will be kept and stored elsewhere. 
We are very proud to offer you a library stocked with Dutch books!

Thanks to the donations of several NAAM members and to the time volunteered by all Boekenwurm parents, you can now choose from a sizable collection of Dutch kids, youth and adult books. There are close to 2,000 books to choose from. Both fiction and non-fiction. 

For those interested in learning to speak Dutch: there are several Dutch language courses available as well as dictionaries.

For the youngest ones and their parents:
board boekjes, voorlees boeken, prenten boeken  


Youth Fiction and Non-Fiction:
serie boeken, boeken op verschillende leesniveaus


Adult Fiction and Non-Fiction:
klassieke en nieuwe schrijvers, literatuur, romans and thrillers



Danish American Center
3rd floor
3030 West River Parkway
Minneapolis, MN 55406

Operating Hours

The physical library is open during all NAAM events at the DAC
(see events calendar)
and on Wednesdays 
from 10 am - 3 pm.
And, of course, you may browse our catalog of books on-line at any time!


The library is free 
for all NAAM members.


For questions about 
specific books, 
to schedule a tour 
or to donate books, 
you may contact:

Derek Terveer

Ruminations from the librarian...

15-March-2016  I'm excited to have found a book that was on my "to read" list:  "Jurassic Park", or, rather, "Saurier Park" in Dutch.  I saw the film long ago, but had never quite gotten around to following up and reading the novel.  Now's my chance!

Click on the following links to browse the current list of books available at the NAAM library as of woensdag, 16 maart, 2016:

Book list, grouped by AUTHOR

Book list, sorted by TITLE

Both of these lists contain the same books, just presented two different ways, and are what we have so you don't have to physically travel to the library just to browse.  No on-line check-in/outs are possible (yet), but feel free to come and get a fun and interesting book once you've found what you want!

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